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"Let More Go"

“Let More Go”

I’m J Smiles, comedian, Alzheimer’s and Dementia activist, and family caregiver. You may know me from Parenting Up™, where we’re a family of caregivers taking care of our family members together. Welcome to P.U.B. the Parenting Up  Blog


In my opinion, no greater words were ever spoken: Let more go. It is something that sometimes has to be learned, but it's well worth the lesson. When you allow negative things to roll off your shoulders more freely, the less stress you will feel. There's already much stress that comes with being a caregiver, it comes with the territory. And it can be one thing to deal with known stresses that you're able to at least semi-prepare for. But those unexpected stresses that come out of nowhere are something different. This is where the importance of letting it go comes into play. Yes, it's good to let go of stresses that you see coming; stress is stress after all. But when something appears out of nowhere that is beyond your control, the best thing you can try to do is seek something good in that situation, focus on that, and allow the rest to roll off. Because eventually, more stressful situations are a day away. 




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