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So validating!

I finally feel like I have a friend who understands what’s going on in my life. I’m only 6 months in with my caregiving. My mom has a brain tumor, so it’s similar to what J is dealing/dealt with. I’m going to ask my support system to also listen. Thank you so much! 💜

Resentment happens

This podcast was all for me. I related to every word. Thank you for putting ALL my feelings and thoughts into words!

Caregivers United

This is a powerful podcast. The level of sharing, of honesty and of information is phenomenal. Her testimony is powerful and healing.

Thanks for sharing

Definitely a fresh voice on the issue of mental health related to Alzheimer’s. I’m definitely excited to hear future episodes.

Triumph over Pain

The candor and levity and care that comes through this story of love and triumph over what could be labeled as tragedy is uplifting and inspiring. So many people need to hear this and know they are not alone.

Honest, Funny, Insightful

Loved this first episode. Janay has a way of storytelling that brings you right in. I loved her transparency and willingness to share her journey with us. Already wishing this was a Netflix series so I could hear all episodes at once! Thanks Janay!!!

Just what the Dr ordered

Caregiving for a parent with ALZ is hard full stop. A source of information with a side of levity is exactly what I need. Thank you J Smiles for shining a lot on a very dark and lonely road.


I’m so excited to hear the journey J Smiles is on caregiving for her mother while adding levity. I’m sure it’s something we could all use right now.