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"Zetty is a Nap Nazi" - Why Napping is Important For Caregivers

“Zetty is a Nap Nazi”

Why Napping is Important For Caregivers


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Napping can be a life changing tool. According to Clevelandclinic.org, power naps are something that everyone should consider adding to their lives. Keep in mind that a power nap isn't a short sleep, or an hour nap. It is recommended that a power nap should not exceed 30 minutes. Along with helping you fell refreshed, there are many positive benefits to taking a power nap. A few of these are:

  • It gives you an energy boost naturally
  • It improves your focus
  • It improves your mood
  • It improves your short term memory
  • It improves your alertness

And this isn't even the start of the half of the pros of including a power nap in your day. Not too late in the day whereas it would interfere with your bedtime, but soon enough to reap the benefits, maybe in the afternoon. The suggested time that a nap should last is 20 minutes maximum, and the setting should be dark.


As a caregiver to my mama, which is the most important role that I have, it is sometimes impossible for me to get a power nap in. Yawl, I try, trust me! But Zetty is forreal a nap Nazi. This woman will not take a nap for nothing. Even more, she won't let me take a nap. I catch myself nodding off sometimes, but before I can get into it, not even three minutes, all I hear is, "J.G., you sleep?" Now, I know one person might think, "Well, it's only 20 minutes. She won't let you take a nap for 20 minutes?" Family, listen to me when I say this, "Noooooooooooooo!" Zetty is not going! Granted, she does sleep through the night. As a caregiver, it is a heaven sent for your LO to do so. Some caregivers pray for that. But on the flip side of that, she doesn't need a nap during the day. And since she don't need one, I can't have one. My mama is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's, and she has just about as much energy to stay awake as... somebody younger than me apparently. Because I need it! I need it now!


It is important to take naps, especially as a caregiver. It's an amazing and effective tool. Nap experts recommend being in a dark space, quiet, with an alarm clock for 20 minutes. Nap enthusiasts can be creative, productive, game changers. Here's a few global leaders who have a PHd in napping: Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, President Bill Clinton, Chris Martin, Coldplay, Conor McGregor. The point is, you can thrive as a power napper. Even if you don't like to nap or never just thought about it, and true, it might not work for everyone. But there's no harm in giving it a try.  


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