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Jan. 30, 2023

Did he say Zetty doesn't have ALZ?!?

Did he say Zetty doesn't have ALZ?!?

J was traveling, meeting new friends. While describing what she does back home, Zetty came up. Feeling connected and free, J showed videos of Zetty to this intimate group of newcomers to her life.

A single voice exclaims, "J, your mom does not have ALZ." Startled and intrigued, J leans in and a very uncommon conversation ensues. No ALZ?

Listening and learning, teaching and advising J Smiles walks away full.

Join Alzheimer's favorite duo for another journey of heavy reality lifted sprinkled love and laugher.

Catch J's signature SNUGGLE UP ending for offers provocative take aways.

The Legacy Museum

The National Memorial for Peace and Justice (lynching)

"Alzheimer's is heavy but we ain't gotta be!"
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