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Nov. 21, 2022

THOR is 10x more likely to get ALZ!

THOR is 10x more likely to get ALZ!
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When Superhero, SUPA-hunk Chris Hemsworth finds out each parent gave him the rare gift of APOE4, J Smiles is blown away. How can THOR, a god of longevity, be 10x more likely to get Alzheimer's?

YES - Chris is an actor. THOR is a fictional character. The collision of the two allowed the medical discovery which could save Chris' life. 

J taps into National Geographic's Limitless,a docuseries on longevity. She covers a bit of Dr. Peter Attia approach to extending a person's life with a higher quality. 

Hemsworth's outlook is supernatural, calling the info a blessing. Smiles uses quotes, anecdotes dotes and more to pull apart options of wellness and lifestyle.

As always J's signature SNUGGLE UP ending, offers provocative take aways.

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